Sevier County Utah Court Calendar (2024)

1. Justice Court - Sevier County, UT

  • The Sevier County Justice Court handles criminal cases filed by the Sevier County Sheriff's Office, Utah Highway Patrol, Richfield City Police Department, ...

  • Sevier County, UT

2. District Court calendars - Utah State Courts

  • No information is available for this page. · Learn why

  • Under Rule 4-401.02 of the Utah Rules of Judicial Administration court proceedings, including electronic proceedings, may not be recorded, photographed, or transmitted to other devices. A failure to comply with this prohibition may be treated as contempt of court, punishable by a fine or time in jail.

3. The Sixth District Court - Sevier County - Utah State Courts

4. Richfield District Court Details -

  • Richfield District Court Details · General Information · Contact Information · Upcoming Notices · Subscribe · Subscribe by Email · Public Notice Website · Resources.

  • Can't find what you're looking for? You can request publicly available documents from most government agencies through the Open Records Portal.

5. Calendar - Sevier County, UT

  • Calendar ; 16, 17, 18. 9:00 am 2024 Primary Early Voting. 6:30 pm Open House County Bike Path Plan. 7:15 pm Public Hearing CIB Application for Brooklyn Tap Line.

  • Sevier County, UT

6. Sevier County, UT

  • Justice Court · Sevier County Fair & Rodeo · County Departments · County Officials

  • Sevier County, UT

7. Sevier County Justice Court

  • View Utah District and Justice Court calendars by location. The 7th Judicial District Court schedule of law and motion days is also available. Forms and related ...

  • Sevier County Justice Court in Sevier County, Utah Court Online Resources. Directory of online resources applicable to the Sevier County Justice Court in Sevier County, Utah

8. [PDF] Sevier County Justice Court 250 N. Main

  • Please use the information below: 250 North Main Street, Suite 124. Richfield, UT 84701. Email: Phone - (435) 893-0461 Facsimile - ...

9. Sevier County Utah Court Calendar - Printable

  • Sevier County Utah Court Calendar. Web utah court dockets and calendars. Web login to xchange go to our how to. ... Web this report lists district court cases.

  • Sevier County Utah Court Calendar

10. Event Calendar - Richfield City

  • Justice Court · Landfill · Mosquito Abatement · Roads · TV · Tourism / Events · Victim Services · Weed Abatement · County Officials · Assessor · Attorney ...

  • 75 East Center Richfield, UT 84701

Sevier County Utah Court Calendar (2024)


What district is Richfield, Utah in? ›

Sixth District Court - Richfield.

How do I check the status of a court case in Utah? ›

MyCase is an online system available from the Utah State Courts. You can use MyCase to: View your case history (a record of what has happened in your case) View the papers that have been filed in your case.

What district is Sevier County, AR in? ›

Sevier County, Arkansas
Sevier County
• Density27/sq mi (11/km2)
Time zoneUTC−6 (Central)
• Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT)
Congressional district4th
17 more rows

Who settled Richfield, Utah? ›

In January 1864 an independent party of ten men under the leadership of Albert Lewis came from Sanpete and arrived in what is now Richfield on 6 January.

What district is Richfield? ›

Besides Minneapolis, major cities in the district include Brooklyn Center, St. Louis Park, Richfield, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, New Hope, Fridley, and a small portion of Edina. This map is a useful representation of the 5th CD's borders, based on Google Maps.

Where is Utah district 12? ›

The 12th Utah Senate District is located in Salt Lake and Tooele Counties, Utah, USA, and includes Utah House Districts 21, 22, 29, 32, 33, 38, and 42. Map of the 12th Utah Senate District.

What district is Draper Utah in? ›

Utah's 3rd congressional district is a congressional district in the United States House of Representatives.

What district is Utah county? ›

Utah County, Utah
Utah County
Time zoneUTC−7 (Mountain)
• Summer (DST)UTC−6 (MDT)
Congressional districts3rd, 4th
19 more rows

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