Dubois County Sheriff (2024)

1. Dubois County Sheriff's

  • Inmate Items Accepted

  • Welcome to the Deschutes County Adult Jail

2. Dubois County Sheriff's Office | Jasper IN - Facebook

3. Dubois County Sheriff

  • Home · DEPARTMENTS · Dubois County Sheriff. Dubois County Sheriff. The Department of the Dubois County Sheriff maintains a separate web site here.

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4. County Sheriff - Welcome to Dubois County, IN

5. Dubois - Indiana Sheriff Sales

  • Lieberman Technologies no longer manages Sheriff Sales for this county. Please contact the Dubois County Sheriff's Office. For updated listings please visit ...

  • Lieberman Technologies no longer manages Sheriff Sales for this county. Please contact the Dubois County Sheriff’s Office.   For updated listings please visit https://sriservices.com/

6. Dubois County Sheriff's Department, Indiana, Fallen Officers

  • Sheriff Louis F. Kreilein. Dubois County Sheriff's Department, IN. EOW: Monday, March 29, 1954. Cause: Accidental. Deputy Sheriff William Cox | Dubois ...

  • View memorials for all fallen law enforcement officers from the Dubois County Sheriff's Department, Indiana.

7. Dubois County - ISP - IN.gov

  • Sheriff Thomas Kleinhelter ; County Seat: Jasper, Indiana ; Address: 255 Brucke Strasse ; Phone: 812.482.3522 ; Status: Compliant ...

8. Dubois County Sheriff's Office - Case Study - Apex Officer

  • The Dubois County Sheriff's Office in Indiana faced several challenges in preparing and training their deputies effectively. Traditional training methods were ...

  • Learn how Dubois County Sheriff's Office trains with the Apex Officer simulator.

Dubois County Sheriff (2024)


Who is the Dubois County sheriff? ›

Tom Kleinhelter

The County Sheriff is elected by popular vote to a four-year term.

Who is the sheriff of Wichita County Texas? ›

We spoke to Wichita County Sheriff David Duke about why this event is important to celebrate in Wichita County.

Who is the sheriff in Walker County? ›

Walker County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Nick Smith - Home.

Who is the sheriff of Tarrant County? ›

Sheriff Bill E.

Waybourn took office in 2017, bringing with him over 30 years of law enforcement experience.

Who is the current mobile county sheriff? ›

Sheriff Paul Burch

A Mobile native, Paul graduated from B.C. Rain High School attained his associate degree in criminal justice and his Bachelor of Science Degree in homeland security from Columbia Southern University.

Who is Harris County head sheriff? ›

Chief Deputy Mike Lee is responsible for overseeing all of the daily operations of the Harris County Sheriff's Office under the direction of Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Who is the DA in Walker County Texas? ›

DA Will Durham and ADA Phil Faseler made oral.

Who is the sheriff in San Antonio? ›


Who is the Randolph County Sheriff? ›

Seabolt, Gregory J.

What are the largest sheriff departments in Texas? ›

The Harris County Sheriff's Office. The Harris County Sheriff's Office, founded in 1837, is the largest sheriff's office in Texas and the third largest in the United States. The HCSO has nearly 4600 employees and 200 reservists dedicated to ensuring the safety of over 4.1 million residents who call Harris County home.

Who is the DA for Tarrant County? ›

Phil Sorrells, District Attorney.

How many people have died in Tarrant County Jail? ›

Since 2017, 63 inmates have died while in custody at the Tarrant County jail, a number which is above the national average, according to Texas Congressman Marc Veasey. He called the pattern "distressing" and wrote a letter to the Justice Department asking for answers and accountability.

Who is the sheriff of Birmingham Alabama? ›

Sheriff Mark Pettway. highlighted just how vital the K-9 unit is in ensuring the safety of the citizens of Jefferson County.

Who is the sheriff of Sandoval County? ›

Members of the Sandoval County Sheriff's Office were honored at the March 22 Board of Commissioners Meeting. Sheriff Jesse James Causus presented the 2022 Deputy of the Year award to Deputy Rodolfo Reyes (far right).

Who is the current St Louis County Sheriff? ›

Sheriff Gordon Ramsay oversees a staff of 290 individuals who work in the various agencies or divisions.

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