Zelda TOTK Dragon Locations: Farosh, Naydra, Dinraal & Light Dragon spawn times & paths (2024)

The dragons of Hyurle have changed a lot in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Not only has a fourth Light Dragon been thrown in the mix, but they have completely different mechanics as to when they will appear and how Link can efficiently farm their parts. Here's how you can do so in TotK.

How to farm dragon parts in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Dragons no longer have specific spawn times like they did in Zelda Breath of the Wild. Instead, in Tears of the Kingdom they are on a time loop where they make rotations along the map. Do take note that sleeping does not change the Dragon's location. You have to be very patient when finding these flying creatures.

As for the three elemental dragons (Farosh, Naydra, and Dinraal), part of their rotations will actually be through The Depths. Link can also land on top of the dragons, making it easier to walk along, collect shards, and wait for you to harvest resources again.

You can harvest five parts from Dragons: Scales, Shards, Talons, Fangs, and Horns. However, after gathering a material once, get up and have a quick snack as I did, as you have to wait 10 mins or so to acquire another material.

  • To get Scales, aim for the scaley body of the Dragons. Do not hit any glowing crystal.
  • To get Shards, look around the glowing crystals of the Dragons, or strike them while glowing.
  • To get Talons, aim for the feet of the Dragons. Do not shoot the nails as I did and only got Shards.
  • To get Fangs, shoot the nose/mouth/jaw of the Dragon.
  • To get Horns, attack the horn of the Dragon, located on the head.

Farming Farosh in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

The rotation for Farosh, the lightning dragon, starts in the Gerudo Desert (coordinates -2484, -3010, 0101). Farosh will fly past the Great Plateau, cross over Lake Hylia, and plummet into The Depths by the Popla Foothills (coordinates 0243, -2165, 0049).

The best places to wait for Farosh are atop Mount Hylia (coordinates -1289, -2222, 0311) in the Great Plateau or at the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower (coordinates 0602, -2119, 0098).

Farming Naydra in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Naydra emerges from the Depths in front of Mount Lanaryu (coordinates 3537, -1369, 0209), its old home from Breath of the Wild. Once out of the ground, Naydra will circle around the Hateno Lab area of Necluda before turning west and going back into the ground in East Hill above Kakariko Village (coordinates 1929, -0891, 0164).

A really easy way to farm Naydra is to wait on Mount Lanaryu Skyview Tower (coordinates 3846, -1307, 0539). Every time I traveled there, I saw Naydra within 10 minutes.

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Farming Dinraal in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

As the Dragon of fire, Dinraal flies around the volcano at Death Mountain. Dinraal first emerges out of the chasm in Akkala north of Tarrey Town (coordinates 3931, 2238, 0025). The Dragon will then fly around the Eldin province, passing by the Typhlo Ruins before diving back into the chasm there (coordinates -0012, 2985, 0192).

To farm Dinraal, a good idea is to warp to the Sistum Shrine (coordinates 2369, 2595, 0790) and watch from atop Death Mountain. Alternatively, players can wait at Sinatanika Shrine (coordinates 3842, 2300, 0048) for Dinraal to emerge from the nearby chasm.

Farming The Light Dragon in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom ahead. The Light Dragon doesn't ever descend into The Depths. Instead, it circles around very high in the sky until Link cures the Deku Tree in the Lost Woods. After that, the Light Dragon will fly at level with most of the sky islands. It basically circles around the edge of Hyrule, only curving inside above the Breach of Demise and once again in front of Death Mountain.

The best way I found to locate the Light Dragon is to travel to every Skyview Tower and glide in the sky to locate it. The Light Dragon passes by every tower in the game, so check each location. If not there, fast-travel to another tower. This is far quicker in my experience than waiting for the full loop of two hours of real time.

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Zelda TOTK Dragon Locations: Farosh, Naydra, Dinraal & Light Dragon spawn times & paths (2024)
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