The Ultimate Secrets Of DRAGOON GEAR Farming! (2024)

Maybe you’ve heard of it, or maybe you haven’t, but dragoon gear is one of the most
powerful and important secrets to getting your wizard to insane levels of strength. These pieces of gear carry some of the highest damage in the game as well as extremely useful item cards that can help just as much as the amazing stats. What’s more, they carry an incredible set bonus, which allows the user’s damage to climbing through the roof. But if these pieces of gear are as good as they say, then why do so many wizards not wear them regularly? The answer is quite simple:

Wizard101 Dragoon gear

Table of Content

  • Wizard101 Dragoon gear
    • What is Dragoon Gear?
    • How Do You Get Dragoon Gear?
    • How Should I Farm Dragoon?

most people don’t know the best way to get the gear quickly and give up.
That’s why I made this guide: by the end of it, you will know exactly how to most
efficiently farm for dragoon gear. But first, a bit of background:

What is Dragoon Gear?

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Dragoon gear is an extremely important set of gear that exists for every school and also has a universal set, and it is a quintessential part of any high-level PvE player’s toolkit. It
includes hats, robes, boots, wands, rings, amulets, and athames. To put it bluntly, though, most of these pieces of gear are not worth farming for: people typically only go for the hat, boots, and amulet. The hats have excellent stats and provide a 0-pip mass trap of the hat’s school, with balance getting an incredible universal mass trap.

The boots provide incredible stats as well as item card versions of Sharpen and potent trap, allowing for useful blade/trap stacking opportunities. The amulet provides resistance but is mostly used for its item card, which is a 4-pip school-specific mass attack with very high damage.

The other pieces of gear are either decent but outclassed or flat-out bad. This compounds well with the fact that the most important set bonuses from dragoon gear take effect at 3 pieces of gear (and, as we will see, you really don’t want to farm any more dragoon gear than you have to). All in all, dragoon gear hunters aiming for good,
high-damage gear should focus heavily on the hat, boots, and amulet.

How Do You Get Dragoon Gear?

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Dragoon gear can either be crafted with recipes bought from Zasha Emberforge or
dropped directly from a gold key boss known as Fellspawn found in the Catacombs. The crafting recipes require 2 things: alchemical reagents and vanguard gear. The 3 alchemical reagents are alchemical extract, alchemical salts, and alchemical crystals, all of which are dropped from almost every fight throughout the Catacombs. 10 extract can be crafted into salt, and 10 salts can be crafted into a crystal; both of these recipes can again be purchased from Zasha Emberforged in the Catacombs. Lastly, and this is important, vanguard gear does not work the way many people think it does: every piece of vanguard gear is essentially a weaker version of dragoon gear, so many people discard it thoughtlessly, but it is very important.

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When crafting a piece of dragoon gear, any school’s piece of corresponding vanguard gear can be used; for instance, to make a Dragoon’s Fiery Helm (dragoon fire hat), you can use a Vanguard’s Vibrant Helm (vanguard life hat) in the recipe. In other words, the types of gear have to match, but the school does NOT. The bottom line is that you should think twice before discarding vanguard gear.

How Should I Farm Dragoon?

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Since Fellspawn can directly drop any piece of dragoon gear, many people decide to skip
the grind and farm the boss directly
. However, as I will argue, this is a very inefficient way to
obtain the gear.

Not only is the drop rate for dragoon gear on Fellspawn is extremely low, but it is a very tedious boss to fight because of its multitude of annoying cheats, especially the
unavoidable damage cap. Also, it drops every school of every piece of vanguard and dragoon
, making it nearly impossible to get what you want. Even if you do get a piece of vanguard
gear for a piece of gear that you want, you still have to farm the reagents to craft the dragoon
and the vanguard gear is generally much easier to farm from the other bosses that drop them. Lastly, of course, Fellspawn costs a gold skeleton key to fight and drops essentially
nothing else besides this gear. For all these reasons and more, it’s infinitely easier to craft
dragoon gear the more traditional
, tedious way.

Now, let’s talk about how to get alchemical reagents and the vanguard gear. These are
most often farmed from King Detritus, a very easy and quick boss which also has a chance to
drop the vanguard hats, and he can be found in the Abandoned House dungeon.

The advantage of farming King Detritus is not only how easy it is but also the fact that he can drop alchemical crystals in addition to extract and salts. The other popular alternative is the Whispering
Sepulcher dungeon, which has no chance to give alchemical crystals but which will give plenty
of extract and salts. Since Abandoned House almost always has a kiosk team and drops crystals
and vanguard hats
, I highly suggest that you farm there unless you already have the vanguard
hat, lots of alchemical crystals, and a devoted farming team for Whispering Sepulcher.
The vanguard amulet comes from Satharilith
, a boss which isn’t quite as much of a
pushover as King Detritus but which still can’t put up much of a fight.

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The vanguard boots come from Prince Viggor, the most difficult of the 3 bosses mentioned so far. Although it is absolutely possible to farm him for the vanguard boots, I personally recommend crafting these to save time unless you have a dedicated Viggor farming group. Of course, both of these bosses drop all 3 alchemical reagents and are both a great way to get alchemical crystals. To summarize here is
the recommended formula for getting dragoon gear as fast as possible:

  1. Fight all Catacombs bosses up to Satharilith (beating the following boss, the Devourer, is
    optional but recommended as well, as beating it for the first time gives 1 alchemical
    crystals and 2 alchemical salts).
  2. Buy all necessary crafting recipes from Zasha Emberforge.
  3. Farm Abandoned House for alchemical reagents and a vanguard hat.
  4. Craft the dragoon hat.
  5. Farm Satharilith for the vanguard amulet
  6. Optional: farm Prince Viggor for vanguard boots.
  7. Farm Abandoned House/Whispering Sepulcher for remaining alchemical reagents
    (including for vanguard boots if step 6 was skipped).
  8. Craft the dragoon boots and amulet.
    With that, you’re done! Luckily, most of the hardest bosses in the Catacombs drop useless
    vanguard gear, so there is no reason to farm them. Though most players tend to shudder at the
    thought of grinding for dragoon gear, you now know exactly how it’s done and everything that
    you need to know about the process. Happy farming

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The Ultimate Secrets Of DRAGOON GEAR Farming! (2024)
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