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Riverside MyChart allows patients to access personal health information from their electronic health record.

General Questions

Riverside MyChart offers patients personalized and secure online access to portions of your Riverside medical record. With Riverside MyChart, you can:

  • View your medical history, patient education, diagnoses, medications, immunizations, and most lab and test results.
  • Easily submit corrections/additions to your medications, problems and allergies; once approved by your provider, these updates automatically appear in your Riverside electronic chart.
  • Make appointments online and request prescription refills.
  • Securely and confidentially communicate with your health care team.
  • Grant access to Riverside MyChart to other adults via proxy access, as well as export portions of your chart to bring to other health care institutions.
  • Request copies of your medical record.
  • View your medical billing statements and make payments online.
  • Schedule an appointment with participating physician practices, including video visits.

Riverside MyChart is a free service offered to Riverside patients (or their authorized representatives) seen at any of our Riverside facilities.

Any Riverside patient 13 and older or their patient representative 18 and older may sign up for Riverside MyChart.

Generally, the signup process is initiated by generating an activation code for the patient during a Riverside visit. The activation code is a random alphanumeric code that is for one-time use only. It is 15 characters and expires 14 days after issue. You can sign up at home when it's convenient for you. The patient enters this activation code in Riverside MyChart, along with the following identifiable personal information: last 4 digits of your Social Security number and your date of birth. MyChart then validates the code as well as the personal information. After successfully entering this information, patients can choose their own unique login ID and password. All patients over age 13 will have an activation code on their After Visit Summary received at the end of a Riverside visit.

In the beginning, your Riverside MyChart account and login will be separate from your MyChart accounts at other organizations. Our hope is that this is only a temporary inconvenience. We expect a product update soon that will allow you to bring all of your MyChart accounts into one view within Riverside MyChart.

You can email us at [emailprotected].

You can email us at [emailprotected]. After we verify your information, a new code will be sent via U.S. Postal Service. Privacy issues prevent us from emailing a new access code to you.


You should be able to communicate with your Riverside primary care provider and any provider with whom you have had a completed visit in the last year or with whom you have a scheduled appointment in the next 180 days. If you don't see your provider listed in the message form, you can contact the office directly or email us at [emailprotected].

You will generally receive an answer within two business days. Please note that Riverside MyChart should not be used for urgent situations. Please contact your health care provider's office if the situation requires immediate attention or dial 911 if it is an emergency.

Riverside MyChart allows you to send messages to a provider who you are scheduled to see within the next six months or to a provider you have seen in the past year. If you believe you have seen the doctor in this timeframe but you don't see him or her listed in your MyChart, please email us at [emailprotected]. As a reminder, please remember that Riverside MyChart should not be used for urgent or acute health matters. Please contact your health care provider's office if the situation requires immediate attention or dial 911 if it is an emergency.

Your Medical Record

You can see most tests from your outpatient visits (dated March 1, 2016 to present) and test results from inpatient stays or emergency room visits at Riverside hospitals (dated June 1, 2016 to the present), as well as those tests completed by a Riverside lab. If you wish to see historical test results, you may need to contact your doctor to manually release those results. In an effort to get your test results to you as soon as possible, many test results are available in Riverside MyChart within four days of being resulted. This means that sometimes you'll see the results before your doctor. Thank you in advance for your patience in allowing your physician time to communicate with you about your test results. Since you are viewing the full, unedited results, some of the language may not be familiar to you and might even be confusing or concerning. Please discuss any questions raised by these results at your next visit. See below for more details on test results in Riverside MyChart.

All Normal Results: Automatically released immediately to Riverside MyChart.
Inpatient Results: Automatically released to Riverside MyChart 36 hours after discharge from the facility.
Abnormal Results: Automatically released to Riverside MyChart four days after the result is finalized.
"Life Altering" Test Results: These sensitive results are released to your Riverside MyChart 10 days after the result is finalized. These results may relate to: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes Simplex/HSV, RPR, Trichom*onas, HPV), HIV and HTLV, Pregnancy, Genetic Tests, Drug Screens, Hepatitis B & C.
All Results: Physicians have the option to manually release a result at any time per his/her discretion or at your request. Physicians may also elect to "unrelease" a result at anytime per their discretion. If there is a result that you do not see in Riverside MyChart and wish to, please contact the ordering provider's office to discuss with your provider or health care team.

Your Riverside MyChart information comes directly from your electronic medical record. You have the ability to electronically request changes to your allergies, medications or current health issues by clicking on the green plus sign (+) or red minus sign (-) in these areas. Any changes you request will be reviewed and updated at your next in-person visit. For additional requests, please call or message your provider's office to request the updates you would like to be made. In some instances, providers may elect to make the change at your next office visit.

Riverside MyChart provides several options for viewing and downloading specif/ic portions of your medical record. You can print your Riverside MyChart health summary, or even a summary of your clinic visits or inpatient stays. Look for the user guides and FAQs on the new MyChart login page.

Yes, you can view another person's Riverside MyChart with appropriate consents. This is called proxy access and allows you to log into your personal Riverside MyChart account, and then connect to another person's Riverside MyChart account. Proxy access allows a parent, guardian, family member or other trusted individual to view all medical information contained in a patient's account. All proxies must be 18 years or older and complete the Proxy Access Request Form, then submit the form in person at a physician practice. All forms must be presented with proper ID verifying your identity and/or if required, accompanied by a copy of the legal paperwork verifying the patient's medical power of attorney or legal guardianship designation.

Riverside offers the following types of full proxy access:

  • Adult Accessing Adult: Riverside patients over age 18 can appoint any other adult as a proxy.
  • Parent Accessing Child: Parents of children age 0-12 can request full proxy access to their child's medical record. Please ask about parent proxy access at your child's next doctor's appointment.
  • Adult Accessing Adult Medical Power of Attorney or Legal Guardian: This option is available to adults who are the Legal Guardian of the adult patient or who have Medical Power of Attorney to handle the care of the patient.
  • Parent Accessing Child Medical Power of Attorney or Legal Guardian: This option is available to adults who are the Legal Guardian of the minor patient 0-17 or who have Medical Power of Attorney to care for the minor patient.

Yes, as long as you have been granted proxy access to his/her account, and ask the question in your proxy view. If you mistakenly ask a question about another individual from YOUR account, the information is placed in YOUR health record, which could potentially jeopardize medical care.

No, due to the sensitive nature of medical information, each adult must establish his/her own Riverside MyChart account.

Patients over age 13 can select any other adult to become a Riverside MyChart proxy. Proxies for patients age 17 and under are limited to parents and legal guardians.

Patients have the ability to control proxy access, and can choose to start/stop proxy access at any time. There are also built in system terminations for certain types of proxy access and are listed below:

  • Parent Accessing Child 0-12 years: Termination of access occurs when the child turns 13. This allows the teen to establish their own MyChart access. Proxy access to your teen's account requires the teen's permission.
  • Parent Accessing Teen 13-17 years: If your teen has previously authorized your proxy access, that access is automatically expires at age 18 when the teen becomes an adult. Proxy access must be reauthorized by the patient.
  • Adult Accessing Child with Power of Attorney/Legal Guardian: When the child turns 18, proxy access expires, and he/she must give permission to continue the proxy relationship. Click on Preferences > Personalize to see whose Riverside MyChart account you can view, and who can view your Riverside MyChart. If you no longer see the name of the person under the "Whose Records Can I View" heading, then you should talk with him/her to find out more information. If the name is listed there, and you are having difficulties connecting, please email us at [emailprotected].

Yes, a patient can revoke proxy access to any of their proxies at anytime by any of the following methods:

  • Logged into Riverside MyChart, go to Personalize > Who Can View My Record-Complete a Revocation of Proxy Access Request Form and submit to your physician practice. Proxies cannot manage proxy access for the patient they represent online. Please call the patient's physician practice for assistance in updating any proxy access. You may also email us at [emailprotected].

Technical Questions

We take great care to ensure your health information is kept private and secure. Access to information is controlled through secure access codes, personal IDs and passwords. Each person controls their password, and the account cannot be accessed without that password. Further, Riverside MyChart uses the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology with no caching to automatically encrypt your Riverside MyChart session. Unlike conventional email, all Riverside MyChart messaging is done while you are securely logged onto our website.

User privacy is a Riverside priority. Riverside protects your privacy by the following:

  • MyChart is owned and operated by MyChart and is fully compliant with federal and state laws pertaining to your privacy.
  • Riverside does not directly market to you any services unless you have either provided written consent or opted in by cell phone, text message, email or Riverside MyChart preferences.
  • Riverside does not distribute any personal information about you, including your email, phone number, name, billing information, or any other piece of identifying information, except for treatment, payment or health care operations.

We aim to protect your privacy and security of your information. While logged into Riverside MyChart, if your keyboard remains idle for 15 minutes or more, you will be automatically logged out of Riverside MyChart. We recommend that you log out of your Riverside MyChart session if you need to leave your computer for even a short period of time.

If you tried to log in five times or more and were unable to access Riverside MyChart, we have locked your account for security reasons. To reactivate your account, please email us at [emailprotected]. After verifying your identity, we will give you a temporary password to use to log in; you'll then be asked to create a new password.

Please log in to the Riverside MyChart website using your username and the temporary password you were given. If you are using a mobile phone, please use the web browser on your phone. This will not work using a MyChart Mobile App. Once you log in, you will see a "Create A New Password" page. This page will ask you to create a new password. You will need to enter a new password of your choice, and retype that new password for confirmation. Once you click next, you will be logged into Riverside MyChart. For future logins, use the new password you just created.

You can access Riverside MyChart from any computer connected to the Internet and an up-to-date browser (such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). MyChart also offers a convenient mobile app.

For an optimal website experience, the following web browsers represent preferred platforms for the Riverside MyChart application.

  • Internet Explorer 9.0 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 33.0 and above
  • Safari 6 on Mac/Windows
  • Google Chrome 38.x and above

Look for the "Forgot MyChart Username" or "Forgot Password" links right under the white boxes where you usually log in to reset your password online. If you are unable to complete the steps online, please email us at [emailprotected].

Log into Riverside MyChart, click on Preferences > Security Settings and select the appropriate option.

No, your access code is not your Riverside MyChart ID or password. You will use this code only once to log into Riverside MyChart for the first time. (The code will expire after you have used it or after 14 days). When you log into Riverside MyChart the first time, you will be asked to create your own unique Riverside MyChart ID and password.

Epic is a health care software company that provides an electronic health record system to your health care providers. At Riverside, our electronic health record system is called iCare. The system powers your access to personal health information through Riverside MyChart.

Questions from myHealth eLink users

All active myHealth eLink users were automatically enrolled in Riverside MyChart on March 1, 2017. If you attempt to access your myHealth eLink account, you will be prompted to access Riverside MyChart with the same userid and password.

Many of the same functions that our patients enjoyed via myHealth eLink will remain, including the ability to message your provider, access test results and request prescription refills. However, Riverside MyChart will also offer expanded functionality and will be fully integrated with your Riverside electronic health record. Some of the expanded capabilities that you will have include:

  • Open notes - view your provider's notes about your visits and stay fully engaged with your health
  • Proxy access - manage your child's, parent's or loved one's health care, including doctor appointments, medications and immunizations
  • View and pay online - enjoy the convenience of viewing and paying your Riverside bill online

We have now transitioned from myHealth eLink to Riverside MyChart. Rest assured that your information remains securely stored in your electronic health record even if you do not see the information when you first visit MyChart. We will be able to access the information needed to continue to provide safe, quality care.

Riverside MyChart gives you access to:

  • Test results
  • Preventive care
  • Immunizations
  • Growth charts
  • Future appointments
  • Messaging

Once we verify your health information at your next office visit, you'll also see:

  • Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical history

Your doctor will be able to see your medications in your health record. If you need a prescription refill before your visit, use MyChart to send a "Get Medical Advice" message and request the refill from your physician. Once you and your doctor verify your medications at your next office visit, you will see them in MyChart where you can easily request refills.

If you notice that information is not complete, please use the messaging feature to contact your provider's office. Some of the information, such as conditions, allergies, medications and medical history will be validated during your next office visit before you can view that in Riverside MyChart.

Our decision to implement our new electronic health record, Riverside iCare, was made because we wanted to transform how we deliver care with the use of one, comprehensive electronic health record that follows patients securely and seamlessly across the entire Riverside system in real time. Riverside MyChart, unlike myHealth eLink, is fully integrated with your iCare record. That means that it will reflect more than just the care you receive in your provider's office. Your providers will have access to your health information in any care setting -- from emergency to inpatient; from specialist to primary care provider.

MyChart  Frequently Asked Questions | Riverside Health System  l Southeastern VA (2024)
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