Build Mode/Link Events Tutorial (2024)

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The Link Event Tutorial was a special map in Build Mode, created by MiniToon and Optikk. It was added on January 29th, 2023, designed specifically to teach players how to properly work the Link Events and Logic Gates. This tutorial map can no longer be loaded by new players, as the pop-up was replaced with a pop-up notifying you about the Secret Neighbor collaboration. The only ways to access the map now is to have someone who saved it on one of their map slots load it in, have a bug that makes the pop up never go away, recreating the map, or having chosen "Maybe next time" every time they have played Build Mode.


  • 1 Accessibility
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Mechanic Explanations
    • 3.1 Links
      • 3.1.1 Linking Blocks
      • 3.1.2 Buttons
      • 3.1.3 Timers
      • 3.1.4 Dialogue Blocks
      • 3.1.5 Powered Lasers
      • 3.1.6 Touch Triggers
      • 3.1.7 Trap Doors
    • 3.2 Logic Gate Explanations
      • 3.2.1 AND Gates
      • 3.2.2 OR Gates
      • 3.2.3 NOT Gates
      • 3.2.4 Logic Gate Puzzles
      • 3.2.5 XOR Gates
  • 4 Trivia


You were able to access the tutorial through a pop-up that appears as soon as you join your Build Mode server. The pop-up asked you,

"Would you like to load a map that teaches you how to use the new link events?"

  • If you chose the "Yes please!" option, the map will load in instantly.
  • By choosing the "Maybe next time" option, the map would not load, but the next time you enter your Build Mode server, the pop-up would appear again.
  • The "Do not ask me again please!" option would permanently disallaow the pop-up appearing every time you enter your Build Mode server.
Build Mode/Link Events Tutorial (1)


The map appears as a large, gray, baseplate (The original 3x3 platform is underneath the map). To the left of the Player Spawn is a cage with the Piggy Spawn in it. Behind you to the left is a large, yellow, arrow with lights on it, pointing to the main attraction of the map. A long, crimson, S-shaped path surrounds twelve platforms, of the same color, and at the end of the path is a small, crimson strip, with the "The end...?" sign. Each platform has an example of a Link Event, and the signs in front of them better explain the mechanics.

Mechanic Explanations[]


Linking Blocks[]

"Some special blocks can be linked to other special blocks. You'll know if you can link a block if a chain icon appears above it when you walk near it! Go ahead, walk to that lever! Click the chain icon, and then click on the door to link them together. Then, test this map and try using the lever!"


"Buttons are kind of like levers, but they only stay on for a limited amount of time. Try changing the setting so it stays on for longer!"


Not to be confused with the Timer from the Main Game.

"This new thing that you see here is called a timer. When it's turned on, it will start counting down from the time it has been set to. After it reaches 0, it will turn on other things it is connected to. This might be a little tricky, but try experimenting with this! Link the lever to the door, and then link the timer to the door. Then, test out the map and notice how the door opens later than it would normally."

Dialogue Blocks[]

"Dialogue blocks will play dialogue as the character of your choice when they are powered on. Simple as that! You can set whether or not the dialogue can repeat each time it's powered, and if it should play for everyone or only who powered it."

Powered Lasers[]

Not to be confused with the Laser Gate.

"What's this lever do?"

Touch Triggers[]

"Touch triggers are fun. They activate upon touch and they are perfect for secret rooms and traps! you can configure if only players can activate it or any humanoid, and if it stays on forever or while it's being touched."

Trap Doors[]

"Witness trap doors! These are pretty straight forward. Once they are turned on by a linked device, they will open up and leave a large hole to fall into."

Logic Gate Explanations[]

AND Gates[]

"Logic gates can be a little confusing, but they allow you to make much more complex contraptions and puzzles. This one is called an AND gate. It will only turn things on if everything else connected to it has been turned on. Since both of the levers are connected to the AND gate, and the AND gate is connected to the door, the door only opens when both levers have been turned on! Give it a try."

OR Gates[]

"This is an OR gate. It will power things on as long as *ANY* other things connected to it are turned on. It's not always necessary to use this, but you can use it to help organize a bunch of links that all turn on the same thing."

NOT Gates[]

"This is a NOT gate. It just does the opposite of whatever the first thing linked to it does. So, if this lever is off, the NOT gate will be on and the door will be open. If the lever is on, the NOT gate will be off, and the door will close."

Logic Gate Puzzles[]

"Logic gates can connect to other logic gates to make all sorts of tricky puzzles. Try to figure out how to open this door!"

XOR Gates[]

"The XOR gate might sound alien, but it just means "exclusive OR". The XOR gate will only turn on if ONE of the things linked to it are on. So, if one of these levers are on, the door will open. If any more are on, or if none of them are on, the door will close."


  • This is the first tutorial of a Build Mode update's features.
  • A sign on the back of the trap door tutorial reads, "Hello there" with a text face as its title.
  • The Powered Lasers tutorial is the only one with a description that encourages you to find out for yourself what it does.
  • Piggy spawns in a cage, as to not interfere while you're experimenting with the features.
  • The sign reading, "The end...?" at the end of the map, may allude to more Build Mode Tutorials in the future.
Build Mode/Link Events Tutorial (2024)


What does the or gate do in piggy build mode? ›

OR gate. An OR gate will only activate events if at least one thing connected to it is activated. For example, if there are two activated levers connected to an OR gate, that is connected to a powered door, the door will open. If you deactivate one of these, the door will remain open.

How do links work in Piggy? ›

Linking Blocks

"Some special blocks can be linked to other special blocks. You'll know if you can link a block if a chain icon appears above it when you walk near it! Go ahead, walk to that lever! Click the chain icon, and then click on the door to link them together.

How to turn in build mode in Bloxburg? ›

You do this by clicking on your house's mailbox or using the phone in your virtual pocket. Once in, build mode controls are your magic tools for creation. To place, move, or delete items, simply click on the object and select the desired action.

How to look up in build mode in Bloxburg? ›

To look up in Bloxburg while you're in build mode, simply use the right mouse button. Click and hold it, then move your mouse upward. This action will pivot your view, making it easier to see the tops of walls, roofs, and other high places in your build.

What does Willow do in piggy build mode? ›

In Factory, Willow is a secondary bot. She will spawn after the Player unlocks the red key door and begin to patrol the factory, occasionally placing bear traps around the map. If she spots the Player, she will start chasing them and occasionally shoot her gun, stunning the Player for a split second.

What animal is Silzous in Piggy? ›

He is a large, green snake with two long, white fangs and a red forked tongue coming out of his jaw.

What happened to doggy in Piggy? ›

One night, four weeks after their escape from Gallery, when they were sleeping, Doggy was forced by Pony to drink the Substance - 128 on Willow's order, which caused Doggy to become infected.

Do you need Robux to build a house in Bloxburg? ›

You will be given a free plot and a default home when you join the game for the first time. To make additional plots, it will cost you Blockbux, a currency that must be bought with Robux, which is the currency of Roblox costing real-life USD. If you cannot make a new plot, sell your starter house or current house.

What does hard mode do in piggy build mode? ›

Usage. It removes the item bubbles, darkens the game and disables the use of abilities, making the game a bit more challenging for experienced users and harder for newer users.

What is the secret code in Piggy camp? ›

Inside, there will be a keypad. Enter in the code '467854' in the keypad and press the green arrow, the interface should say "PASSCODE ACCEPTED".

What does the knife do in piggy build mode? ›

You can also pick up the knife item in Build Mode to become the traitor. With the knife in your inventory, you can walk up to other survivors with it out and kill them with it.

What does the timer do in piggy build mode? ›

When the timer hits 9:30, Piggy will be awoken, more preferably known as spawning in. Right after the timer hits 0:00, the text Game Over will appear, and the Piggy wins (although they will not earn any Piggy Tokens by winning).

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